DNN for inverse scattering problems


主讲人:张凯 吉林大学教授


地点:腾讯会议 627 385 192



内容介绍:This presentation investigates the inverse obstacle scattering problem with low-frequency data in an acoustic waveguide. A Bayesian inference scheme, combining the multi-fidelity strategy and surrogate model with guided modes and deep neural network (DNN), is proposed to reconstruct the shape of unknown scattering objects. Firstly, the inverse problem is reformulated as a statistical inference problem using Bayes' formula, which provides statistical characteristics of the posterior distribution and quantification of the uncertainties. The well-posedness of the posterior distribution is proved by using the f-divergence. Subsequently, a Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithm is used to explore the posterior density. We propose a new multi-fidelity surrogate model to speed up the sampling procedure while maintaining high accuracy. Our numerical simulations demonstrate that this method not only yields high-quality reconstructions but also substantially reduces computational costs.