Activity Recognition within Smart Environments through Unobtrusive Sensing



主讲人:Professor Chris D Nugent,Ulster University, UK








主讲人介绍:Chris is currently the Head of the School of Computing at Ulster University and leads the Pervasive Computing Research Group.  He has held a visiting Professorship at Halmstad University (Sweden) and the University of Florence (Italy) and is currently a visiting professor at Lulea Technical University (Sweden). He currently serves as the Program Chair for the Technology Professional Interest Area of the Alzheimer’s Association (US) and has provided keynote presentations at prestigious International Conferences discussing the role of technology aids for dementia:  ADI 2009,  ATTACH 2011,  ICOST 2014,  UCAmI 2015 and IEEE MMSP2017.


内容介绍:The aim of this presentation will be to firstly introduce the research within the School of Computing at Ulster University.  This will then be followed by details relating to activity recognition within smart environments followed by an introduction to the latest trends in unobtrusive sensing.  The presentation will also consider the challenges of data versus knowledge driven approaches to activity recognition and will consider the lessons learnt in the development of practical solutions.