Input-to-State Stability of Time-Varying Switched Systems with Time-Delays


主讲人:吴小太 安徽工程大学教授 硕士生导师





内容介绍:This talk considers the input-to-state stability of time-varying switched  systems with time-delays, where the upper bound estimation for the operator of  Lyapunov function (UBEOL) is assumed to be time-varying and mode-dependent. The  ISS and integral-ISS are investigated for time-varying switched systems with  time-delays by using the Lyapunov-Razumikhin and comparison theorem methods.  Since the coefficient in the UBEOL is time-varying and takes a positive/negative  value, the subsystems consist of both ISS and non-ISS subsystems simultaneously.  It is shown that our presented results have wider applications than some  existing works.Two examples, including one of the consensus for time-varying  multi-agent systems with cooperative and competitive protocols, are presented to  demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed results.