Detection of cell-type-specific risk-CpG sites in epigenome-wide association studies


主讲人:魏颖颖 香港中文大学助理教授





内容介绍:In epigenome-wide association studies, the measured signals for each sample are  a mixture of methylation profiles from different cell types. The current  approaches to the association detection only claim whether a  cytosine-phosphate-guanine (CpG) site is associated with the phenotype or not,  but they cannot determine the cell type in which the risk-CpG site is affected  by the phenotype. Here, we propose a solid statistical method, HIgh REsolution  (HIRE), which not only substantially improves the power of association detection  at the aggregated level as compared to the existing methods but also enables the  detection of risk-CpG sites for individual cell types. We prove that the  proposed model is identifiable under conditions easily met in real data.