Anomalous diffusions and fractional order differential equations


主讲人:Professor Zhen-Qing Chen,University of Washington




主讲人介绍:陈振庆,美国华盛顿大学数学系教授,美国统计学会Fellow,  教育部长江讲座教授。1992年在美国华盛顿大学获博士学位,曾在美国的加利福尼亚大学和康奈尔大学任教;1988年起在位于华盛顿州西雅图市的华盛顿大学数学系工作至今;陈振庆教授在马氏过程与狄氏空间,随机微分方程以及偏微分方程中的概率论方法等方面做了大量的处于国际领先水平的开创性的研究工作,曾经担任概率论顶级期刊《The  Annals of Probability》的副主编,现任《Potential Analysis》的主编。

内容介绍:Anomalous diffusion phenomenon has been observed in many natural systems, from  the signaling of biological cells, to the foraging behavior of animals, to the  travel times of contaminants in groundwater. In this talk, I will first discuss  the interplay between anomalous sub-diffusions and time-fractional differential  equations, including how they arise naturally from limit theorems for random  walks. I will then present some recent results in this area, in particular on  the probabilistic representation to the solutions of time fractional equations  with source terms.